Our Story

The value of family has always been a reason to celebrate the triumphs and adversities of life.  Victories and defeats transform into greatest versions when shared, most especially with the people you love.
PIZZA has always been a “good slice”of these moments for us and with each pie, our family celebrates these up and down moments, stronger all together.  It is perhaps in these very journeys that the concept of an artisanal pizza  was first ever imagined and later on,     
PIZZA GRIGLIATA MANILA came into fruition and was conceived.
Everything about Pizza Grigliata Manila is hand picked “from the heart” - thin crusted, to best appreciate every fresh and filling ingredient, carefully GRILLED and TORCHED to unlock and blend each distinct flavor to achieve Pizza Grigliata’s own seal of “pizza made sexy” perfection.
Everything we have well thought of with you always in mind.  So from our family to yours, we wish to share with you parts of our journey and pieces of our story, in the hope that our pizza may somehow become a part of yours…..